This is a directory of some of the top-notch people who have trained to become Certified

International Kinesiology College Mentors. It is a work in progress with more coming soon. If you are looking for a mentor in your country and can’t see one listed, get in touch and we will do our best to find you one.

Do consider the possibility of ZOOM online mentoring. All our mentors offer online mentoring sessions. All you need is a Wi-Fi link and your device. This will give you access to the best talent worldwide to assist you in unlocking your potential.

If you need any help choosing a mentor, just get in touch and I will help you.

Hazel Miller, Mentor Training Founder (Bristol UK)





Helena Arguelles, IKC Faculty UK (Gloucestershire UK)





Rachel Lead (Suffolk, UK)


Jane Phillips (Hampshire, UK)


Jane Fowler (Bristol, UK)


Liz Reddish (Devon, UK)


Lez Graham (Scotland)

Debbie Harris (Peterborough, UK)


Jackie Lysaght (Ireland)


Anna Mitchell, IKC Trainer Dubai (Dubai)


Renate Dietz (Austria)


Tina Sabotic (Slovenia)


Alex Bowles (New Zealand)


Harris Klonzizakis (Greece)