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From Self- Help, to a new career, our modular training programs will fit to your needs. Giving you the practical tools to facilitate a personal leadership journey in others.

As a student, you will be supported through your Touch for Health journey with individual attention and feedback. Browse the possibilities below and CONTACT US for advice or personal guidance.



Reactivity In Action

One of the most powerful concepts in TFH is Reactivity. Begin to appreciate that the communication in the body doesn’t always flow freely and that many aspects of the person, not just muscles, can be in a reactive relationship. Learn how to address these new reactive patterns and how to work with the more subtle energy systems. Have more exciting, enriching tools available when working with clients.

Learn shortcuts for muscle reactivity. Explore how to balance reactive meridians, emotions, the chakras and the layers of the aura. This course will give you frameworks for effective balancing of long term patterns.

*Prerequisite Touch for Health Level 4.

See Course Calendarfor details.

Touch For Health Metaphors & Goal Setting

This beautiful  2-day workshop builds on the Chinese 5 Element energy cycles. You will be able to use dialogue as the main balancing tool, understand remembered wellness and give clients amazing insights into their gestures, beliefs and tendencies.

You will also learn to deepen your Goal Setting.

Inclusive of Metaphors chart, IKC registration and certificate.

*Prerequisite Touch for Health Level 2.

See Course Calendarfor details.

Structure the Magic

Take your clients on a fascinating journey of self- discovery to achieve their goals more efficiently and insightfully.

Learn how to create a magical space for building trust and rapport. Ensure

you remain energized and grounded whilst working. Embrace your own blocks and experience transformation with every client.

*Pre- requisite Touch For Health Level 2.

See Course Calendarfor details.

Muscles for Movement

This 2– day workshop, focuses on the 42 muscles as indicators for meridians. You will explore the TFH muscles, fine points, construction, main function and the body as a whole; how to deal with postural and phasic function; alternative tests for compromised physical function. Linking muscles and posture with goals.

You will learn additional and alternative test positions, how to accommodate clients with posture problems, the important role of centre of gravity.

You will also gain an enhanced understanding of body mechanics. Many tests will use treatment tables.

*Prerequisite Touch for Health Level 4.

See Course Calendarfor details.

This four-day workshop brings new potential for the Touch for Health Kinesiologist, both for personal and practitioner growth. Having a greater understanding and knowledge of the interplay of this energy medicine in everyday life, in the body, in the universe, gives more clues to the meaning of the patterns and connections we observe on the ‘5’ element map. All the underlying principles and concepts are reviewed and some new ones are added.

Learn how to interpret information our clients present to us through their posture, dialogue, meridian patterns and 5 element charts – and their surroundings!!

You will be able to use Finger Modes, assist temperature, stimulation and flow

You will also balance the 4 levels of 5 elements

*Prerequisite Touch for Health Level 4.

See Course Calendarfor details.

Vibrational Healing

This 2- day workshop weaves together all the magic you have – any therapy or healing you already know. You will learn a structure and soft protocol to craft a unique therapy session incorporating anything from your personal “tool box”

You will use kinesiology techniques such as hand modes, stacking in circuit, building context.

You will develop sensitivity to resonance in the body, using vibration to change physical, emotional and energetic reactions/responses to stimuli.

You will learn to incorporate bio-magnets; aura soma and other colour therapy and sound (including bell, bowl, drums, voice and tuning forks.)

This could change the way you work.

*Prerequisite: Touch For Health Level 4.

See Course Calendar for details.

Touch for Health Training Workshop

This 8-day residential workshop  takes place in a Steiner retreat in the beautiful Gloucestershire Hills. Full board is provided, using food grown in the kitchen gardens wherever possible.

The venue gives the opportunity for lovely walks, purpose built meditation hut in the trees and many contemplation areas in the grounds.

This provides the perfect location for our communication and self-development journey, immersed in Touch for Health Kinesiology with like-minded people for 8 glorious days.

In addition to your main Facilitator, experts in the fields of assessment and teaching & learning will present sections of your training.

You will have the opportunity to give and receive balance sessions every day.

You will revise, deepen and enhance your knowledge and skills.

On successful completion, you will also qualify as an IKC Registered Touch for Health Instructor, authorised to teach Touch for Health classes.

*Prerequisite Touch for Health Proficiency

See Course Calendarfor details.

Passion To Profit

The Practice Management Course for Touch for Health Kinesiologists. A 3 Day immersion course to help you achieve your business goals without compromising your individuality or personal values.

Don't you think that people who are skilled at working with others energetically using tools, techniques and intuition should be allowed to employ similar skills when developing their business?

This course is much more about feeling, doing and laughing, than lecturing and writing.

Recognised as a Core Subject with the Kinesiology Federation and is part of the Touch For Health Professional Practitioner course.

Pre requisite: None, suitable for all who are looking to work with clients, or those who have been in business for years.

See Course Calendar for details.

Fee: £445

Touch for Health Consultant


 "We empower ourselves and others to be responsible for developing self-awareness, health and well-being, through Touch For Health Kinesiology."

A Touch For Health Consultant is an individual who has received sufficient training from the International Kinesiology College Touch For Health School to deliver private sessions to the public using Touch for Health techniques following the self-responsibility and educational model.

The minimum requirement for Touch for Health (TFH) Consultant programme:

Touch For Health Synthesis

Touch For Health Proficiency & Assessment

Touch for Health Metaphors

Touch for Health Training Workshop

Practicum (Clinical practice and observation)

Personal Intensive Training (Optional)

Practice Management

Final Assessment

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Professional Practitioner Training Programme


Touch for Health Professional Practitioner Training aims to develop confident and knowledgeable body-based Kinesiologists capable of detecting and correcting imbalances in the individual energy systems of their clients so that well- being is enhanced in their lives.

The modular approach of the Advanced training encompasses all aspects of well- being (including structural, chemical, psychological/emotional and subtle-energy aspects), the emphasis being on the facilitation of self-awareness.

What is Touch For Health Kinesiology?

Touch for Health falls under the branch of alternative and complementary therapy known as kinesiology – systems of healing that use manual muscle bio-feedback to determine which stimuli stress the body and how that stress can be decreased.

The Touch for Health model does not treat or diagnose symptoms, but works with the energy, lifestyle and aspirations of the client, offering a safe and effective way to maintain health, enhance well-being and upgrade performance. Touch for Health is the most widely used system of kinesiology in the world. It is recognised and respected as a fundamental training for other kinesiology systems as well as a healing modality in its own right.


Dr George Goodheart & Dr John Thie

Touch for Health came from the fusion of knowledge and ideas created though the meeting, in the 1960’s, of Dr John Thie, a young chiropractor, with Dr George Goodheart, a chiropractor and applied kinesiologist.

Dr Goodheart had made the connection between certain muscles of the body and the Chinese energy pathways known as meridians. He was developing a system of healthcare for chiropractors and other health professionals, which married the energy work of Chinese Medicine with modern chiropractic practice, using manual muscle monitoring as the evaluation technique.

Dr Thie realised that a great many of the techniques could be safely used by everyone to improve posture, increase well-being and reduce physical and mental discomfort. He set about organising these techniques into a series of protocols which became the Touch for Health Synthesis, now taught in over 60 co

untries around the globe. Understanding the link between muscles and meridians allowed us to balance qi with our hands and restore harmony between yin and yang.

This Professional Practitioner Training Programme builds on the TFH synthesis, deepening knowledge and providing the opportunity to train as a fully qualified Kinesiologist. The Professional Practitioner Training Programme is recognised by the Kinesiology Federation UK and completion qualifies for Kinesiology Federation membership as KF Associate.

Professional Practitioner Training Programme

Pre-requisites: Touch For Health Synthesis & competency assessment


Reactivity in Action

Touch For Health Metaphors

Structure the Magic (In-depth communication skills)

Muscles for Movement

4 Levels of the 5 Elements

Vibrational Healing Tools

Touch for Health Training Workshop

Practice Management

Personal Intensive Training (Optional)


50 case studies


Personal balancing

Final Assessment

NB KFRP status with the Kinesiology Federation

For full Kinesiology Federation Registered Professional status, you will also need to achieve qualifications in the following core units:


Anatomy and Physiology

Interpersonal Skills

And complete 200 clinical hours

For further details on approved courses, please contact us:

Learning with us

Learning on the Touch For Health Professional Practitioner Training is modular and you can go at your own pace. You will have already completed the TFH Synthesis and you may have studied elements of the TFH Consultant programme. (Please see Qualification Structure for further information)

Our Model

In touch for health we work within the self-responsibility educational model. Working in this way will mean that you will need to be actively engaged in your own personal and professional development in order to facilitate self- awareness in others.


Definition: a process that provides a person with an opportunity to learn about and discover aspects of him/herself. “I discover myself.”

In opposition to: the therapeutic model where the practitioner divulges information, thoughts, ideas and feelings that he/she perceives about the person. “Someone tells me what I am.”
The active/main/central role: the person who comes to receive a balance and / or mentoring. 

The role of the practitioner is to accompany the person and facilitate the journey of self discovery.

TFH Kinesiology encourages proactive and timely consultations with qualified healthcare professionals to determine if a medical condition is present, and whether balancing the posture, emotions & energy is appropriate for the condition. For serious illness, injury, or continuing, worsening or severe symptoms, we always advise to seek the services of a medical doctor.

There is a mentoring programme in place for all student and professional Kinesiologists and you will be required to have regular mentoring. There is an additional charge for this. Please find more information on Mentoring here.

Membership Organisations and Insurance
You are expected to join the Kinesiology Federation UK and gain insurance through their group scheme. Details can be found here:


In order to gain full professional Kinesiology Practitioner status with the Kinesiology Federation (KFRP) graduates of the programme will be required to conduct a further 200 hours of clinical practice and complete core subjects. You will be expected to abide by the Code of Conduct for Kinesiology Professionals and work in alignment with the National Occupational Standards.

This programme of study is mapped to the national occupational standards and they can be viewed here: