Mentoring sessions can help you to unravel what is in your mind and give you clarity!

It is easy to access mentoring, sessions can be provided face to face in Bristol, or online for access anywhere in the world.

When you feel stuck, or just need to bounce some ideas, mentoring gives you the time and space to work on your business, not just in your business!

"The delicate balance of mentoring someone, is not to creating them in your image, but giving them the opportunity to create themselves"

Steven Spielberg, Filmmaker

Hazel has a wide range of experience in the wellness industry, teaching, managing teams, developing business and clinical work.

She can help you make your next big idea a reality. Passionate about mentoring Hazel has founded the mentoring programme for Touch For Health Kinesiologists and Mentors Kinesiology Professionals world wide. Why not get in touch, lets start a conversation. Sessions are suitable for practitioners and business owners from any discipline.


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Professional Mentoring is a bespoke, focused method of development. With sessions usually taking lasting 1 hour in duration. Suitable for students, practitioners and teachers who are looking for support to develop any area of their business.

Mentoring - What’s in it for me?

5 good reasons to have a Mentor:

You will receive advice and guidance from an expert in the field.

They will invest time, energy, knowledge and caring in you and your success.

Together you can discover effortless ways to reach your potential, using methods and taking paths which work best for you and your individual talents and needs.

A mentor will inspire & motivate you to keep on track with your dreams, using language, time-frames and encouragement which work for you.

Mentors know what it takes to succeed- and how to ride the bumps in the road! They have been there and done it.

They can help create YOUR T-shirt!!!!!!!!!!!


"Mentoring sessions focus on your growth and development as an individual and as a practitioner. "

Getting the best out of mentoring

As a “mentee” you will need to be prepared to, grown and learn, be challenged with support, set goals and bring issues to work on. You will be expected to take responsibility for your own self- development, following up actions and your part in this two way process.

You will be able to bring to a session any issue regarding developing your business, your career, your health as a practitioner or increasing your job satisfaction and above all, your personal growth as you see it. Everything which moves you towards your potential and desires can be brought to your mentor.

Mentoring sessions can provide:

Space to explore the following:

Client behaviour which may be difficult to interpret,

Your feelings towards clients and the impact this has on you.

Blocks you are experiencing within your work.

Fears, beliefs, judgements and attitudes and the impact of these.

Safety net

Your mentor is an experienced professional. They will be your biggest champion, provide continued support and always look out for you. They will guide you if they consider you are stepping outside the limits of your competence, need to refer to other professionals, taking the wrong track to reach your goals or heading for burn out!

Goals setting and tracking

Each session you will be required to bring issues to work on, set goals and work towards achieving them. You mentor will help you to prioritise and focus, and navigate to where you want to be. This can be anything from working out how to market your business to developing a positive mind-set. You will work out together how best to monitor progress and what success looks like for you, so you know when to celebrate along the way.

Wellbeing watch

This is a confidential space to discuss issues that are bothering you. Having the correct support and guidance will help you define strategies for confidently tackling issues yourself.  You can consider how to set and maintain healthy boundaries. When a client attempts to get around professional boundaries, how you would manage the situation. Work life balance. Ways to maintain your own energy and vitality.

Learning, growing and self- reflection

You will be helped to develop your own inner mentor and review and reflect on your progress. Your mentor will use tools to help you learn from your mistakes, have emotional resilience and move forward positively from set- backs.