Are you ready to make a commitment?

A commitment to guide, educate, support and encourage someone who is taking responsibility for their own growth and development?

Then this course is for you!

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A 1 day / 3 session course suitable for Touch For Health Instructors wishing to mentor others. This course focuses on giving the tools and confidence to mentor others and develop excellent quality, constructive conversations.

It will help you find ways to hand the issues back to the person and encourage them find the solutions for themselves. Focussing on communication and development of the individual, you will be guided through setting up an appropriate mentoring relationship and how to conduct a successful session.

The aim is to facilitate more people to have successful TFH businesses/ experiences with Touch For Health and what it means to work in the self- responsibility, educational model.

This ensures that more students become instructors themselves, set up successful practices and spread more TFH magic!


What is mentoring?

Compare and contrast mentoring, coaching and therapy

Define mentoring and its purpose

Discover what to include in a mentoring session

Understanding Yourself

Appreciate your own strengths and what you bring to the mentoring relationship

Identify your key values and beliefs

Recognise your own development needs and define appropriate goals

Compare and contrast mentoring, coaching and therapy

Understanding Others

Change your style of communication in order to accommodate different individuals

Identify what it is to work in the self- responsibility model

Recognise the potentially different values and beliefs of others

Identify limiting beliefs and facilitate their transformation into more helpful ones.



Edward de Bono 6 Thinking Hats

Neurological levels

Cartesian Coordinates

Gibbs Reflective Cycle

Conducting a mentoring session

Begin and end the mentoring relationship

Track a session

Solve issues related to the mentoring session as they arise

Evaluate the session

Approach and Learning Outcomes

The approach is very supportive and practical, enabling participants to feel comfortable using proven models for effective mentoring. Both during and after the course, individuals will be able to gauge their mentoring skills and progress.

In order to gain the IKC certification participants will need to complete case studies for marking. These will then be given feedback and support if any further development is required.

It is expected that participants will provide mentoring sessions for each other during the course as part of the course activities. Most students take between 2 and 6 months to complete all the activities and case studies.


Courses can be “in person” at Freeways, Bristol BS8 3RA or via ZOOM online. Regular dates throughout the year, please enquire for details.


The course is approved and certified by the International Kinesiology College. and comprehensive workbook is included in the course.

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Approved by the International Kinesiology College & the Kinesiology Federation UK