We work with the energy, lifestyle and dreams of the young person, offering a safe and effective way to maintain health, enhance well-being and upgrade performance. We do not treat or diagnose symptoms.

Sessions will be guided by muscle monitoring and gentle reflexes will bring balance and harmonise the system. Children and young  people report enjoying the session and often find them fun and engaging. Each session takes up to 1 hour.

Sessions can help with:

nurturing emotional wellbeing

managing exam nerves

creating perfomance excellence

Hazel and Gill can offer sessions in clinic or in your school. A responsible adult will need to accompany any child under 16 years old for a Personal Leadership/ Kinesiology Session.

Happy students have received their exam results in high school. They are cheering and celebrating.

Hazel Miller

Advanced Kinesiology Federation Registered Professional
International Kinesiology Mentor Trainer
DBS Checked Certificate No. 000937300160


Gill Impey

Kinesiology Federation Member
DBS Checked Certificate No. 000937495753

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