Modern neuroscience rests on the assumption that our thoughts, feelings, perceptions and behaviours all emerge from electrical and chemical communication between brain cells and the wider nervous system. Understanding our own unique brain architecture can give us insights into how we perceive, identify with, and manage our own and others’ emotions.

This practical 4-hour online course, takes you on a journey of self-discovery, uncovering your own emotional landscape and how this is supporting or potentially undermining you as you meet inevitable challenges.

Discover Your Inner Armour[2305843009282856511]

Course Objectives

• What is emotional resilience and why is it important
• How you react to emotionally charged situations and is this helpful
• Understand your own triggers and how to regain control under pressure
• Rapport building -Putting the “positive vibes” in all your interactions
• 5 practical tools you can use immediately to strengthen your emotional armour in any situation

Expected Outcomes

• Support and content from a Prism practitioner
• A toolkit to apply in varying challenging situations
• 4 hours to dedicate towards your emotional understanding and wellbeing
• The opportunity to grow new neural networks!

Target Participants

• Aspiring Leaders
• Current Leaders