Coaching & Mentoring

A personal exploration to support growth

gain self-awareness using the latest developments in neuroscience

What is Coaching?

Coaching is a future focused practice that aims to help clients determine and achieve personal & business goals.

The word ‘coaching’ is an interesting one. Etymologically, the term “coach” traces its origins to the Hungarian word kocski, which means ‘carriage’, that is to say, a method of carrying you to where you wished to go.

Coaching draws inspiration from various disciplines including psychology, sociology, positive adult development, career counselling, mentoring and other types of counselling.

During coaching sessions, I draw on a wide variety of skills and may use goalsetting, behaviour modelling, behaviour profiling, metaphor and other techniques in helping you reach your goals.

Coaching focuses on effecting change in your current and future behaviour.

As a coach I will be looking to support you to achieve the following:

Gain clarity around the present and influence your future

Create a vision and mission to live and/or work by

Discover your brilliance and learn how to let it empower you

Construct your goals and support system

And then – put it all together and use it to renew and energise you at every level

“…did you know that your brain is capable of processing 30 billion bits of information per second?”


To provide information on behaviour preferences, I use PRISM brain mapping to support my work.


Using neuroscience to provide insights into how people, think, feel and do things. 


What is PRISM?

PRISM is a revolutionary way of identifying people's behaviour preferences.

PRISM approaches human behaviour from the perspective of neuroscience, rather than psychological theory. It is a powerful tool which deconstructs behaviour back to its physiological beginnings in the brain. Just like a prism breaks down light into its constituent colours.

This exciting online tool takes advantage of some of the most up-to-date neuroscience discoveries to provide individuals with a series of 'maps' which are graphical representations of how they prefer to respond to the world around them.

Each PRISM 'map' is a representation of the person as a unique individual

PRISM is about observed behaviour

It measures the intensity of a person’s expressed preference for a range of behaviours and the activities related to those behaviours. PRISM maps represent the dynamic interaction that takes place within the brain and is based on the principle that no one part of the brain does solely one thing and no one part of the brain acts alone.

All our thoughts, emotions and actions are the results of many parts of the brain acting together


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