In today’s fast-paced work environment, managers having the technical competencies to fulfil their role is only part of the story. Those who can successfully manage their mind, emotions, energy and talent will be more flexible and resourceful when faced with inevitable challenges. These are important factors in maintaining well-being in the workplace.

Well-being and performance are very much influenced and managed by our habitual behaviour. Habits, by their very nature, can be challenging to change as we are quite literally building new pathways in our brains. Changing our unhelpful habits can enhance our well-being and performance.
We have designed a 3-step, 3-month process to help organisations identify and respond to their priorities with respect to well-being.

Although any of our bite-sized sessions and coaching sessions can be delivered as a stand-alone option, our 3-step programme goes beyond education, enabling your managers and teams to enhance their well-being at work, and measuring the impact.

STEP 1 - Stress Pulse Research

Through our online research we are able to take the “Stress Pulse” of your organisation, gaining valuable insight into the views and opinions of all the staff. These results are benchmarked against our own cross-industry research.

STEP 2 - Well-Being Development & Coaching

Group sessions or individual coaching provide the tools to empower staff, helping them to choose useful habitual behaviour and reduce stress. With an emphasis on individuals taking personal accountability, our approach of securing commitment to action and follow-up are key to supporting lasting change.

STEP 3 - Review 

We follow up to ensure newly formed habits persist. We will work with individuals to create buddying and call to action for your staff throughout the process. This can achieved through learning platforms or on existing online social groups.