Defining Your Leadership Story GROW from COVID – don't adapt

We at Mdina International love following success stories, and often, some of the best success stories and the most well-earned leadership stories, come from a learning, from a challenge, or from a crisis that creates an opportunity in disguise. Some of the best leaders we have followed over the years emerge from a ‘situation’.
So here is our question this week:

Is COVID19 our leadership opportunity?


A few of us have never been more tested before: we have had to take tough ‘heart’ decisions as well as financial ones. Most of us have never spent so much time at home. We have had to adapt quickly, to re-plan, re-project with little intel of what will happen in the coming days, weeks, months.

So, in this moment when we are so unsure of the future, can we ascertain one thing going forward? Our leadership skills! We can all be leaders of our destiny, and we would like to help you to grow and to take control.
Join us for four training chapters as we support your development and write your leadership story. This is your chance to step it up with us.

  • Explore your identity more and grow in self-awareness.
  • Get to know the protagonist of your leadership story.
  • Understand what your role is in this new reality. How can you service your organisation?

Make this situation contribute to your development.

You will leave with a toolkit that has you ready for future challenges and opportunities.
This is not just another run-of-the-mill remote working programme.


The four chapters of writing your leadership story will be hosted over 4 weeks:
Chapter 1: getting to know the protagonist: using PRISM brain mapping
Chapter 2: individual session: the deeper storyline
Chapter 3: the emotional brain and taking control
Chapter 4: the map and toolbox – preparing for the sequel

What's in for you:

  • A 50 + page report from PRISM brain mapping on yourself, your behavioural preferences,
  • Support and content from two prism practitioners and business trainers
  • A toolkit to apply in varying leadership challenges and opportunities
  • 7.5 hours to dedicate towards your growth and emerge as a leader
  • The opportunity to network and grow from others experiences and shared challenges

Pricing: €135 + VAT per person
Date of first session: Rolling open course dates.

Contact us today for further information or if this particular date is not convenient for you.