We call what we do, Personal Leadership.

Personal Leadership, is leadership from the inside out

It is the ability to successfully manage your mind, talent, energy and emotions to achieve the outcomes you wish for yourself. It is about leading yourself from the inside out. It requires listening to your body's responses and taking action to unlock your potential.



We are passionate about making a difference. We believe every client is unique and that within them lie all the answers to their transformation.

Using the physiology of the body and tools based in neuroscience we take a 3 step approach to any development.

1. Understand – we get to know you and the context in which you are operating. We want to get under your skin and find out what makes you tick and what would make the biggest difference for you. We do this through, pulse surveys, profiling and questionnaires and most importantly, we listen.

2. Engage – Guided by your needs, our experience and expertise, we use unique methods to deliver bespoke solutions to facilitate your growth and development.

3. Review - Measurement of success is of utmost importance to us. We will involve you in every step of the journey and together we will review success milestones and progress.

Our Team


Hazel Miller is  a Kinesiology Consultant and Learning & Development Professional with expertise in stress management, emotional resilience and change mangement.

Passionate about people, she engages multi- dimensional techniques which assist with self awareness, behavioural change and effective communication. She has run her clinical practice in Bristol for over 25 years, alongside teaching, writing and delivering courses & managing and developing teams in the health and wellness industry. She is co-founder of the Touch For Health Kinesiology Professional School and founder of the Mentoring Training Programme certified by the International Kinesiology College.

In loving memory of Sandy Gannon.  Sandy was Co-Founder and Principle Tutor of the Touch for Health Kinesiology Professional Program from 2004 - 2020. She was an accomplished consultant and teacher and passed her vast knowledge to so many with love and passion. She had huge impact on the development of Kinesiology through her role on many committees and as a Director of the  International Kinesiology College.


Gill Impey is a Learning Consultant with a background in high energy media and as a sports competitor. She understands and embraces the confidence needed in performance, especially when under pressure.
The experience of interviewing people over a decade gave her a passion for understanding people and their "life story". She has a personal interest in performance confidence and this motivates her to use her diverse techniques in her writing and delivery of courses to teach others.


The Touch For Health Professional School was co-founded with Sandy Gannon and was officially launched in 2004, and is approved as a professional school with the Kinesiolgy Federation UK.

In 2002 Hazel began a collaboration with Tamsyn Grant which has resulted in the writing of the Touch For Health Student workpacks, now sold in 14 countries.

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